• About me

    I am a undergraduate student in Computer Science at the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune.

    I am passionate about solving challenging problems that would have wide-spread positive impact on the way people manage their day-to-day lives.


    #technology #entrepreneurship #problemsolving #innovation #coder


  • Skills

    Programming Languages:

    C, C++,Python,HTML, CSS, Javascript


    Git, Subversion,R studio


    C++ STL,mlpack,Scikit-learn,NLTK

    Operating Systems:

    Linux, Unix, Windows

  • Education

    Vishwakarma Institute Of Technology

    Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Computer Engineering

    2013 – 2017

    • Relevant Coursework: Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Computer Networks
  • Projects


    A hybrid filtering approach for recommender bot using social network analysis.

    ★ A Classification study suggests that digital actors such as bots have existed since its inception, but there has never been an artist recommending bot. 
    ★ Twitter music lover/fans and Music agencies with labels are in constant need of new artist. 
    ★ Hence, Twitter can prove to be a better platform to serve the intended purpose of finding artist through recommendations.

    Jumpy Pygame

    ★ Implemented a Jumpy game in Python using Python Pygame library

    Bird Nest

    Android App

    ★ In this project we have developed an android app in which bird lovers will be able to broadcast and share their queries and views regarding certain subject.
    ★ Bird lovers will able to view broadcast messages and alarms(in emergency if any) it will notify to whole community.
    ★ The project backened was implemented using JSON Parser script and PHP to store the data on administrator server.

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